1.1. Museum – State Budgetary Cultural Organization “Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

1.2. Website – the Museum's website located at and, and intended for distributing information and purchasing tickets.

1.3. Client (User) – a person or an authorized representative of a legal entity, who is using the site to purchase tickets to the museum.

1.4. Ticket (also Electronic ticket) – a document granting the right for the admission to the Museum, can be purchased at the Museum’s Ticket office.

Electronic ticket – a document granting the right for a one-time admission to the Museum, should be bought at the Museum’s site. Each Electronic ticket has a unique QR-code on it, an order number, both being generated automatically and given electronically (on the page of Client’s browser, sent to the given Client’s e-mail address). The Electronic ticket confirms the fact of payment of an admission fee on the Site.

1.5. Checkout – Client’s act having a unique identification number, performed in order to pay for a ticket (tickets) to the Museum. In this case, tickets are reserved and removed from the system's general sales.

1.6. Refund – refund of the paid by Client cost of the ticket.



2.1. The User Agreement (hereafter – Agreement) functions as a contract between the Client and the Museum and regulates the Client's use of the Museum’s website in order to purchase tickets to the Museum.

2.2. Compliance of the Client with conditions of the Agreement is expressed by placing the Client’s e-mail address to the registration form by making the order.

2.3. The Agreement goes into effect the moment the Client agrees with its conditions by checking the according box.

2.4. The Museum reserves the right to add changes to the Agreement without additional notification to the Client. The Client herewith accepts and agrees to the fact, that the Client must familiarize himself with the text of the Agreement. Text of the Agreement is always located on the Museum's Website.

2.5. The currency of the account, as well as refund of monetary funds from o the client's bank card in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation shall be Russian Rubles.

2.6. Security of payment operations is provided by means of the Acquirer bank. The received confidential data of the Card holder are processed in the processing center of the Acquirer bank. Security of the given information is provided by means of the modern Internet security protocols.



3.1. Checkout is performed on the website in the following order:

3.1.1 The Client should choose the type of ticket (e.i. ticket to the permanent exposition or to all museum’s expositions) and give the number of purchasing tickets.

3.1.2. The Client should fill in all fields of the registration form, which includes:

3.1.3. To execute payment, the Client, pressing the “Pay” button, is automatically redirected to the payment gateway of the Acquirer bank. In case the payment has been successfully performed, an amount at the rate of the order cost is withdrawn from the bank card account, and the Client receives access to the page containing an Electronic ticket, a document confirming the payment is also sent to the given by the Client e-mail address.

3.1.4. The Client saves the confirming payment document (electronic ticket) on his mobile device or prints it to show to a museum worker at the Museum’s control zone.

3.1.5. In case the payment has been successfully performed, but the Client has not received the payment confirmation, which he should show at the museum control zone, due to some technical reasons, the Client should contact the Museum using the contact information given in the paragraph 11.1 of the Agreement.



4.1. The Foundation reserves the right to cancel an order in case of unforeseen situations (unscheduled closing of the Museum for visitors due to necessity). In this case, the order cost shall be transferred back to the bank card that was used to perform the payment.

4.2. The Museum has the right to cancel an order in cases of software errors during order execution. In this case, the order cost shall be transferred back to the bank card that was used to perform the payment.



5.1. The payment is refunded in following cases:

Notice of cancellation and necessity of the refund should be given by the Client to the Amber Museum via telephone 8 (4012) 466550 or e-mail address Monetary funds should be refunded to the Client based on his statement of the prescribed form according to the paid amount of money.

5.2. The Parties agree that the Museum’s refunding of the order in accordance with the conditions of the Agreement and/or International Payment System Rules and laws of the Russian Federation shall be considered by the Parties as sufficient cause for the Museum to relinquish its responsibilities as stated in the Agreement and consider its responsibilities to the client fulfilled in their entirety.

5.3. Date of refund. The date of the refund shall be considered the date when the money was withdrawn from the Museum’s account. The Museum has no responsibility for the further routing of the refund.



6.1. The client is required to fully adhere to the conditions of the Agreement.

6.2. The client has the right to carry out an online order of tickets to the Museum on the website in accordance with the conditions of the Agreement.

6.3. In cases where order payment was not completed and/or was completed unsuccessfully, the client has the right to begin a new order or refuse of the unpaid order.

6.4. The Client does not have the right to reprint, reproduce, copy or resell the information on the website, nor place it on other sites or use it for commercial or advertising purposes; this also extends to information on the tickets available on the site as well as the prices on said tickets.



7.1. The Museum presents the Client with the ability to purchase tickets though the Museum’s website in accordance with the conditions of the Agreement.

7.2. The Museum is required to give the prices of all tickets available for sale on the website. Ticket for categories of citizens receiving benefits are not available on the website.

7.3. The Museum has the right to alter the prices of tickets available online unilaterally without altering the price of tickets, which have already been paid for.

7.4. The Museum has the right to send Clients informational messages related to the services rendered (including order fulfillment).



8.1. The Museum is obliged not to divulge any information acquired from the Client. Rendering of said information by the Museum to individuals acting under contract with the Museum for the sake of fulfilling its responsibilities to the Client shall not be considered a violation of this confidentiality. The Museum shall make the Clients personal data available only to those employees, contractors and agents who require the data to ensure the functioning of the website and its services for the Client.

8.2. Processing of the Client's personal data shall be undertaken according to the laws of the Russian Federation. The Museum shall process the Client's personal data for the purpose of rendering services, tests, research and analyses of the data for the Client and to contact with the Client. The Museum shall take all measures necessary to safeguard the Client's personal data from illegal access, dispersal, change, disclosure or destruction.

8.3. By agreeing to the User Agreement online, the Client consents to the automated and non-automated processing of personal data, including, but not limited to, collection, systematization, accumulation, saving, elaboration, use, diffusion, (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, and deletion of personal data provided by the Client as regards the fulfillment of the Agreement, as well as other actions provided by the Federal Law N 152-FL of 27.07.2006, “On Personal Data”.

8.4. The Museum does not check the authenticity of personal data provided by the Client and does not exercise control over its actuality, but rather proceeds under the assumption that the Client provides accurate and sufficient personal data as requested by the questions in the registration form, and maintains this information. All responsibility for the consequences of providing inaccurate or not up-to-date personal data shall be taken by the client.

8.5. The Museum has the right to use the information provided by the Client, including personal data, for the purposes of ensuring the observance of the demands of the applicable legislation (including for the purpose of reporting and/or suppressing illicit and/or unlawful acts of the Client). The disclosure of information provided by the Client may be carried out only in accordance with applicable current legislation on court order, law-enforcement or other cases provided by the law.



9.1. The Client shall use the website and the functions it provides at his own risk. The Museum has no responsibility, including in relation to the website, for the goals and expectations of the Client.

9.2. Nor does the Museum has any responsibility for any agreement between the Client and a third party.

9.3. The Museum has the right to unilaterally cease the functioning of the website completely or partially at any time without prior warning to the Client. The Museum has no responsibility for the temporary or permanent cessation of the website's functionality.

9.4. The Museum makes every possible effort to ensure the normal work-capacity of the website; however, the Museum has no responsibility for the failure to perform, or improper execution of the obligations stated in the Agreement before the Client as regards reimbursement for damages (losses), direct or indirect, caused by inability to use the website.

9.5. In cases of force-majeure conditions, as well as crashes or malfunction of third-party computer systems utilized by the Museum, or actions (or inactions) of a third party aimed to the interruption or cessation of the website’s functionality, interruption of the website’s work is possible without any notification to the Client.

9.6. The Museum bears no responsibility for the duration of the execution of payment by banks or other organizations, including refund payment to the Client.

9.7. Under any circumstances, the Museum’s responsibility before the Client is limited to the value of tickets purchased by the Client.

9.8. The Parties shall be excused from the responsibility for full or partial failure to fulfill their obligations, if such failure is the result of acts of God appeared after the Agreement went into effect, as a result of an event of extreme nature which the Parties could not have foreseen or prevented by reasonable means.

9.9. The Museum has no responsibility for arguments or disagreements concerning payments and arising between the Client and system and/or credit institution.



10.1. The present paper is the exhaustive Agreement between the Client and the Museum which defines the conditions for utilizing the website. In cases where contradictions arise, the text of the Agreement located on the website shall have priority over any other version.

10.2. In cases not specified in the Agreement, the relationship between the Museum and the Client shall be regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

10.3. In cases where disagreements and arguments concerning the Agreement and the scope of its effect arise, the Museum and the Client shall make every possible effort to come to a negotiated solution. In cases where it is not possible to resolve arguments through negotiation, they shall be settled through the arbitration of the court according to jurisdiction.

10.4. The Client hereby confirms that he has read and fully accepts (without any additional reservations) the conditions of the Agreement. The Client is hereby obliged to fully perform all terms and conditions of the current Agreement in his interactions with the Museum.



11.1.    In case of any questions on booking tickets the Client can contact the Museum by the telephones: 8 (4012) 466-888 or 8 (4012) 538219; (from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00) or by the e-mail address:

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